How to install Cake PHP

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step by step installation:

         Download wamp server and install it in your computer
         link to download: wamp server 

Step 2: 
        Download cake php zip file and after downloading it extract the zip file and then rename it to cakephp(optional)
        Now put this cakephp directory to wamp server root directory e.g C:\wamp\www\---> Cakephp

Step 3:

 Now open http://localhost/cakephp you will see this screen:

 Step 4:
  A) Open C:\wamp/www/cakephp/App/config/core.php 
     B)    Change the value of  
       Configure::write('Security.salt', 'DYhG93b0qyJfIxfs2guVoUubWwvniR2G0FgaC9mi'); 
        here change or replace some other value what ever you want in the place of hash code given   there(heighlighted text)
    C)  And do the same procedure change the highlighted code in the same file
       Configure::write('Security.cipherSeed', '76859309657453542496749683645');

Step 5:
       Create a database in phpmyadmin
Step 6:
       Rename fie cakephp/App/config/database.php.default  to database.php
Step 7:
   Open C:\wamp/www/cakephp/App/config/database.php
   change host, login, password and database name in $default

   Now your system is ready for the cake php development

Thank You

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