Custom post type redirect to 404 page in wordpress

Avinash singh | 8:17 AM

Custom post type redirect to 404 page in wordpress


When i create my custom post type in functions.php it works for listing the records on template file but when i click the permalink it redirects me to the Page Not Found(404) page.


Type this function before your custom post type code  flush_rewrite_rules(true); This will work

Still if you are getting problem then go through the below points:

In certain case this happens due to some existing plugin which restrict this.
 To overcome from this problem just install a plugin to create custom post type.
 and create the post with the same name which you have created in functions.php
e.g : news_article and after creating this post type via plugin, now you can delete the function from functions.php

This works for me . Try this also help you :)

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